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Pacific Wellness of Ventura, specializing in anti-aging, longevity, growth hormone, hormone balance, impotency and wellness. Serving all of Southern California.

Would you like to feel better, regain your zest for life, and optimize your health -- even though you're healthy and aging naturally? Your quality of health is important and should be prioritized above other non-essentials or 'fad' get-healthy offerings. At Pacific Wellness we can help and our costs for these life-changing heathy improvements are reasonable.

- Renew Your Passion -

- Optimize Your Health -

- Feel & Behave Younger -

- Alleviate Pain -

Those are the goals for our patients at Pacific Wellness of Ventura.
We will work with you as a team to help you meet these goals for health aging.

Pacific Wellness of Ventura offers therapy with ozone therapy, testosterone, thyroid, Estrogen, HCG, DHEA, supplements, and HRT to optimize potency, sex, strength, endurance, and wellness. We specialize in anti-aging, longevity, growth hormone, hormone balance, impotency and wellness.

We now offer therapy to energize your energize your mitochondria which improves your oxygen utilization and diminishes symptoms of chronic disease. This is done by using PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) and ozone. Prolozone Therapy, which is a combination of PRP and ozone, is extremely effective in eliminating pain in joints, ligaments, muscles, and soft tissues. It also initiates healing by flooding the area with growth factors harvested from your own platelets and plasma.

We now have 2 new PRP therapies available in our wellness clinic that the patients love. Woman who have incontinence and use several pads per day can be offered the "O Shot" which floods the urethra with growth factors to increase healing of the muscles, collagen, fat, and other tissues to make the urethra stronger. Please visit our "O Shot" page for more details.

Many men after the age of 40, and all men after the age of 70 start having ED problems, meaning problems with achievement or maintenance of erections. There can be many causes and we do have a multitude of treatments. The "P Shot" is new and allows the men to regenerate their normal tissues within the penis so there's an improvement with their erections and orgasms. Please visit our "P Shot" page for more details.

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