Pacific Wellness of Ventura

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The Pacific Wellness of Ventura cannot accept insurance or Medicare. Our prices are below comparative prices in Southern California. We see patients Saturdays and after 4PM weekdays.

The Pacific Wellness initial fee of $1200 covers all visits for the next six months. This includes the initial evaluation, physical, and general plan plus subsequent visits dealing with therapy. Labs, scans, x-rays and other tests done outside the office are not included in the initial fee. Sometimes insurances pay some of these outside costs, sometimes not. The hormones and nutrients prescribed in the wellness clinic are purchased from our clinic. They, too, are reasonably priced but not covered by insurance. Surgeries and procedures in the office by our staff are extra. Any additional procedure fees will be discussed with the patient beforehand.

"O Shot"   $1550.00 Includes APEX Stimulator
"P Shot"   $1950.00 Includes Vacuum Pump
PRP Joint Injection   $699.00 First Joint
   $399.00 Second Joint

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